Wroclaw Stadium

Wroclaw Stadium
Wroclaw Stadium

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Ім'я: Wroclaw Stadium
Місцезнаходження: Wroclaw, Poland
Інвестор: City of Wroclaw
Тип: Sport Facilities
Завершення: 2011
Виконавець / Проектант: Mostostal Warszawa / Max Boegl


The Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw (Poland)  is a fourth category (highest) football stadium built for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. The stadium has a capacity of 42 771 spectators, all seated and all covered. It is the third largest stadium in Poland.

Stadium construction began in April 2009 and was completed in September 2011. The winning architectural concept developed by JSK Architekci is called STADIUM-LANTERN. The distinctive shape was chosen to be easily recognisable and associated with a dynamic city. The shape of the stadium is highlighted by the innovative design of its external walls. The building is covered by glass fibre mesh coated with teflon. The mesh is anchored by steel rings placed around the entire body of the stadium. The covering lends lightness and transparency to the massive structure. The colours of the external walls of the stadium can be changed using a sophisticated lighting system.

The stadium is divided into a number of dedicated zones necessary for the proper functioning of a sports arena. VIP seats are broken down into three sectors: gold, silver, and bronze. Seats for fans with disabilities are located in stands equipped with wheelchair ramps, and disabled fans are able to sit next to their caretakers.There are 102 such seats in the stadium plus another 102 seats for caretakers. There are also 50 places for people who have vision problems. For the hearing impaired, professional collector headphones for listening to match commentary are available. The new stadium is an arena without barriers. Each seat meets FIFA/UEFA requirements and is equipped with power, telephone, internet and TV connections. Some seats have a foldable desktop. Seats for commentators have revolving chairs.

Rawlplug products have been used for:

  • installation of all internal barriers – bonded anchors R-KER + R-STUDS – 66 000 anchor points
  • installation of all external barriers – mechanical anchors R-SPL-C – 83 000 anchor points
  • installation of tracking systems and seats construction – mechanical anchor R-DCA – 30 000 anchor points
  • installation of conduits systems – mechanical anchor R-HPT – 6 000 anchor points
  • installation of balustrading – bonded anchor R-RP30 + ITS

 All installation was preceded by a series of tests confirming the highest quality of Rawlplug anchors.

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