Woodlands Health Campus

Woodlands Health Campus
Woodlands Health Campus

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Ім'я: Woodlands Health Campus
Місцезнаходження: Woodlands Drive 17, Singapore
Тип: Hospital


Woodlands Health Campus is currently the largest hospital in Singapore. Astonishing in design, this high-end facility is intended to serve not only the dwellers of the city in a garden, but also – and equally importantly – the planet Earth. It is yet another green investment completed with the use of Rawlplug’s products. We are more than happy to contribute to the development of the construction industry of the future. 


The Woodlands Health Campus construction project is scheduled for completion in 2023. However, individual divisions of the hospital will be commissioned gradually, and the first to be put into operation will be specialist outpatient clinics, while the emergency unit and other hospital wards will start functioning in 2024. From the architectural point of view, an important element of this impressive building is greenery, also conceived as conducive to patients’ recovery. The campus garden is 1.5 ha in surface area, and the entire facility harmoniously blends with the city’s luxuriant vegetation. There will also be gardens on the hospital roof, providing patients with additional space to exercise and relax outdoors.

Woodlands Health Campus represent a completely novel approach not only to health care but also to construction engineering. A vast number of technologically advanced solutions have been envisaged for the facility, making the hospital complex construction sustainable and environment-friendly. The solar panels to be installed on the roof will cover an area of more than 2 thousand square metres, enabling electric energy consumption to be reduced by as much as 30 per cent (compared to health care facilities of similar size). The hospital operations will largely be automated, making it possible to save the personnel’s working time.

As many as five products from Rawlplug have been used in the construction of Woodlands Health Campus:

  • R-KEX-II epoxy resin,
  • R-XPT and R-XPTIIA4 throughbolts, the latter made of stainless steel,
  • RT-MAXA series drill bits,
  • Rebardrill SDS plus drill bits.

Woodlands Health Campus is an epitome of the construction engineering of the future, based on adequately selected materials, energy-saving solutions, and optimisation of production costs. We coulnd’t be prouder of Rawlplug’s contribution which makes such impressive building projects possible.


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