Tunnel under the Ursynów district

Tunnel under the Ursynów district
Tunnel under the Ursynów district

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Ім'я: Tunnel under the Ursynów district
Місцезнаходження: Warsaw, Poland, Poland
Інвестор: General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways
Тип: Road Tunnel
Завершення: 2021


Our products have been incorporated into the S2 expressway tunnel in Warsaw which, at the time of its commissioning, was the longest built feature of this type in Poland. Commonly known as the Ursynów tunnel, the structure is a little over 2.3 km long and was commissioned in December 2021. This concluded the construction of the Southern Warsaw Ring Road. The thoroughfare is a part of route S2, connecting the A2 motorway junctions of Konotopa and Lubelska. The tunnel under the Ursynów district effectively reduced the traffic jams in the left-bank part of the capital city, but even more importantly, it streamlined and accelerated east–west transit traffic.

According to the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), more than 5.3 million vehicles passed through the tunnel in just four months. It takes only five minutes to travel along this section, while you can cover the entire S2 in less than half an hour. The tunnel under Ursynów not only saves drivers’ time, but also enables safe transport. The traffic running through the structure is monitored 24/7. As many as 134 cameras are installed inside and at the tunnel portals, streaming video footage in real time to the Tunnel Management Centre personnel for monitoring purposes.

Rawlplug builds major traffic arterials in Poland 

As a supplier of construction materials, Rawlplug was actively involved in the project works. Our experts selected adequate solutions already at the design stage, and provided ongoing sales and technical support throughout the entire construction of the Ursynów tunnel. While the works were being planned, design engineers used our signature computational program, EasyFix, to quickly and accurately find the right fixing solutions by taking current construction standards into account. Rawlplug’s engineers took care of strength testing of the products and participated in every stage of the project acceptance procedures. It was for the wide range of services and the complementary offering of anchors and fasteners that enabled Rawlplug to contribute to the development of the longest road tunnel in Poland.  

Rawlplug’s products used:

  • R-CFS+KERII-600 hybrid bonded anchor
  • R-STUDS stainless steel metric threaded rods
  • R-DCA internally threaded wedge anchor
  • wide range of the DIN 933 and DIN 931 bolts combined with the DIN 934 nuts and the DIN 125 and 9021 washers
  • Rawlplug accessories (drill bits for concrete, dispensers, hole cleaning accessories for bonded anchors)
  • Rawlplug power tools (rotary hammers, screwdrivers)

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