Tandem Office Building in Romania

Tandem Office Building in Romania
Tandem Office Building in Romania

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Ім'я: Tandem Office Building in Romania
Місцезнаходження: Bucharest, Romania
Тип: Tower
Завершення: 2022


Spanning nine storeys and three underground levels, Tandem Office Building in Bucharest has been commissioned this year. Rawlplug has joined a party of acclaimed expert companies responsible for the project. 

Conforming to the most stringent requirements across the industry, the building offers an office area of 35,000 m2. It was designed and built specifically with eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions in mind. This has brought it the Breeam Excellent certificate, granted only to buildings that meet high standards of sustainable and green construction. 

“Rawlplug’s Romanian partner, Baltic Invest, really proved their worth, having done some textbook work,” Krzysztof Ryżewski, Business Development Director, stresses. This investment is the first major project of its kind completed entirely by the direct investment sales department alone. Our colleagues were regularly engaged in the adaptation of the design documentation as well as in on-site training and testing throughout the project.

Rawlplug products second to none

Our participation in the project began with a proposal to develop a joint between foundations and pre-cast walls using the R-KEX-II bonded anchor on the third floor. In subsequent stages of the works, our Romanian technical advisors attended to the bonding of parking ramps and masonry wall structures, where competitive product was replaced with Rawlplug’s R-KER-II anchors.

Some more of our products that found their way to the construction site were the R-HPTII-ZF throughbolts, the RT-CDM-230 corundum grinding wheels, the RT-SDSR drill bits, and the KI-10-M facade fixings. Tandem Office Building is truly impressive with its modern and visually appealing look. And we are delighted that the skilled engineers from Baltic Invest-Rawlplug Romania, who successfully implemented our solutions in the place of the formerly used competitive products, were involved in the making of this unique structure. They performed as many as 12 tests on the site itself, and spent a total of more than 24 hours for design and adaptation purposes. 

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