Surbana Jurong Campus

Surbana Jurong Campus
Surbana Jurong Campus

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Ім'я: Surbana Jurong Campus
Місцезнаходження: 38 Cleantech Loop, Singapore
Тип: Comercial


Surbana Jurong, a state-owned Singapore-based consulting company, embodies what construction engineering of the future means. The Surbana Jurong Campus project, currently under development, is planned to become the company’s global operations hub and one of the most innovative workplaces in the world. And we can proudly announce that some of Rawlplug’s products have been used at the construction site.

Surbana Jurong Campus is scheduled for official opening in 2023. The facility is situated in the Jurong Innovation District (JID), where you can also find such venues as the Nanyang Technological University as well as JTC CleanTech One, being Singapore’s first eco-business park. The JID stretches on a total area of 600 hectares, and it is a high-end production centre while being a major scientific and research hub of key importance for the industrial and economic growth of Singapore.

The Surbana Jurong Campus investment covers nearly 69 thousand square metres of land. Designed by Moshe Safdie, on the one hand, the facility is intended to reflect the spirit of Singapore perceived as a city in a garden, and on the other hand, it is supposed to demonstrate the outcomes of Surbana Jurong’s pursuit of smart and sustainable construction engineering. You will find a vast selection of environment-friendly technologies inside, including automated window shutters reducing heat waste or intelligent lighting systems that decrease emission of carbon dioxide. The building is surrounded by luxurious vegetation, making it possible to seamlessly blend natural and industrial sites together. Surbana Jurong Campus can hold up to 4 thousand employees, yet it is intended to become not just a workplace, but also a place for fun and rest. All thanks to its meticulously designed infrastructure and close proximity of nature.

Three kinds of solutions from Rawlplug have been used in the construction of Surbana Jurong Campus: 

  • R-HPTIIA4 stainless steel throughbolts,
  • FX-N-L-A2 hammer-in fixings combined with FX-N-L-A2 stainless steel screws,
  • Rebardrill SDS plus drill bits.

Surbana Jurong’s new home is yet another venue on the map of Singapore which is being erected with the help of our products. We are glad that Rawlplug’s fixings and accessories are chosen for the most innovative and environmentally friendly investment projects, defining new standards for the entire construction industry. 

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