Samsung SDI’s EV battery manufacturing plant

Samsung SDI’s EV battery manufacturing plant
Samsung SDI’s EV battery manufacturing plant

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Ім'я: Samsung SDI’s EV battery manufacturing plant
Місцезнаходження: Göd, Schenek István u 1, 2131 Węgry, Hungary
Тип: Factory
Завершення: 2021


Samsung is a company most people typically associate with home appliances, consumer electronics, and mobiles phones. However, the range of operations of the Samsung Group, including Samsung Electronics, is considerably broader. Last year saw the brand’s subsidiary company SDI announce planned extension of their Hungarian facility manufacturing battery cells. Some information from behind the scenes which we can reveal is that Rawlplug’s products will be used by the project contractors. 

In 2017, Samsung SDI transformed their Hungarian facility releasing plasma display panels (DPD) into an electric vehicle battery production plant. The production of lithium-ion batteries began there in 2018, and the then alteration of the facility was but the first stage in a series of redevelopment and construction works. Last year, the Korean powerhouse announced an intent to invest a billion wons (equivalent of ca. EUR 740 million) in further development of the plant based only 25 km away from Budapest, in a town of Göd. 

The project to expand Samsung SDI’s Hungarian manufacturing plant is not yet scheduled for completion, but we already have something to celebrate. Rawlplug was contracted to supply a number of solutions, including roofing insulation fixings and the R-ORR screws for installation of composite wall panels. What proved to be decisive of our success in the attempt to join this investment project was, first and foremost, ensuring compliance with the relevant product quality requirements and submitting the necessary documents and certificates. The solutions proposed by Rawlplug’s experts, tailored to the investment’s highly specific needs, demonstrated their efficiency and effectiveness in the tests conducted directly on site.

As a reminder, Samsung SDI manufactures battery cells in China and South Korea. The Hungarian plant is the first facility of this type owned by the Korean brand in Europe. The construction of the plant was assumed to reduce the costs related to such operational aspects as, for instance, transport and logistics, while the current extension project will enable Samsung SDI to settle down for good in the European automotive market. The company is among the five largest suppliers of electric vehicle batteries in the world, delivering their solutions to numerous manufacturers, including BMW and Volkswagen.

We are glad that, once again, an important and prestigious investment will proceed with Rawlplug’s products in use. 

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