S17 Warsaw – Hrebenne. Tomaszów Lubelski bypass

S17 Warsaw – Hrebenne. Tomaszów Lubelski bypass
S17 Warsaw – Hrebenne. Tomaszów Lubelski bypass

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Ім'я: S17 Warsaw – Hrebenne. Tomaszów Lubelski bypass
Місцезнаходження: Warsaw, Poland
Тип: Motorway / Road
Завершення: 2022


The Warsaw – Hrebenne section of the S17 expressway is an important part of the European E372 route, whose task is to connect the Warsaw metropolitan area to the Lublin region and carry the traffic further, towards Lviv.           

The construction of the S17 expressway between Lublin and Hrebenne, including the construction of the Tomaszów Lubelski bypass (approximately 10 km), is an investment of both regional and European importance. The bypass itself will boost the Lublin region’s economy, generating numerous opportunities to increase demand for services and goods. It will also contribute to the development of contractor businesses and other operators serving the construction industry.

We are delighted that Rawlplug's products constitute an important element of such a necessary and prestigious investment. Our team assisted the contractors already at the preparatory stage. In autumn 2019, we drafted the technological design (anchoring of screens, reinforcement and kerbs), and soon afterwards, we were awarded the contract thanks to our comprehensive bid, leaving the competition far behind.

Nearly all our solutions for bridges were used during the construction of the second carriageway, which started in March 2022 (2,360 anchors in total): anchoring of bridge deck overhangs (R-KEX II, R-STUDS-20-260-88-HD, R-KK-BL-20-HD, R-KK-KAP-20), walls (R-KEX II, R-STUDS-20260-88-HD), kerbs (R-KER II, R-STUDC-24500), barriers and railing as well as road lamps (R-KER II, R-STUDS-20260-88-HD), and reinforcement (R-KER II). This is yet another investment of this type where Rawlplug products have proven indispensable.

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