Railroads, tunnels and bridges in Dubai

Railroads, tunnels and bridges in Dubai
Railroads, tunnels and bridges in Dubai

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Ім'я: Railroads, tunnels and bridges in Dubai
Місцезнаходження: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Інвестор: Etihad Rail
Тип: Railway / Metro


An impressive investment in the United Arab Emirates will soon be added to Rawlplug’s portfolio of project references.

Etihad Rail is the sole rail transport operator in the United Arab Emirates. The country is currently implementing a multiannual plan aimed to expand the network with additional 1,200 km of railway lines. They are supposed to stretch along the country, from Ghuwaifat at the border with Saudi Arabia to Fujairah City on the Gulf of Oman. We are proud that the Rawlplug brand has joined such an ambitious project. Rawlplug has entered the Etihad Rail project to participate in phase D (contract C0308). It provides for the construction of railway routes in the regions of Sharjah and Fujairah (98 kilometres in a straight line and 29 kilometres of the Tawyeen branch line). The route will service the Fujairah City port, and cut through Al-Hajar Mountains, including the emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. 

Rawlplug facing challenges

The extensive scope of works comprising the project also includes building depots, freight facilities, as well as marshalling and passenger stations. The construction of 15 tunnels with a total length of 16 km in Al-Hajar Mountains seems particularly challenging alone, not to mention the additional 35 bridges and 32 underpasses. 
The total investment cost has been estimated at USD 1.3 billion. Rawlplug’s products are used for cladding as well as fixing of railings and steel structures, and these specifically include the R-HPT-IIA4 and the R-KER-II with the R-STUDS threaded rods.

Winning the project was a long and complex process requiring many tests and a lot of training. We are all the more proud to make a contribution to such a prestigious investment.

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