Prague Marina

Prague Marina
Prague Marina

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Ім'я: Prague Marina
Місцезнаходження: Prague, Czech Republic
Інвестор: Marina Island s.r.o
Тип: Residential and Comercial Real Estate
Завершення: 2016


Prague Marina is a development project for Holešovice Harbor in Prague-Holešovice, residential and commercial office buildings. The first buildings were completed at the turn of 2008 and 2009. In the final phase, the project will include about a thousand apartments, office and retail space, restaurants and cafes and recreational park areas. The complex is being built by Prague Marina, a. S., A member of the Lighthouse Group development group, in cooperation with Czech Ports, Inc. Shareholders of Prague Marina are Deutsche Bank AG, Real Estate Private Equity Group London, GTC International Development Company, Scorpio BSG Ltd. and Alliance Holdings & Developments Ltd.

Marina Island offers three categories of condominiums, ranging from comfortable apartments on intermediate floors, through Townhouses evoking the feeling of living in a family villa, up to luxurious Penthouses on the top levels.

A remarkable location at the border of two worlds. On one hand, it offers serenity, privacy, a double-sided waterfront, abundant nature. On the other hand, it does not lack the bustle of the city, work opportunities, shops, cafes and other cultural and sports opportunities. And all of this is situated only 8 minutes from the city centre.

On the peninsula is also to be built a sports marina.

The area is protected from flooding to a level exceeding the 2002 flood. A number of listed buildings of the early 20th century are to be preserved in the port area.

In May 2012, the developer announced on the official website of the project that he had already 338 dwellings, of which 314 were already sold, 5 reserved and 19 vacant, offered at prices ranging from about CZK 5 million (90 m²) to 16 million CZK 200 (for an area of 200 m²) per one.

Rawlplug products TFIX-8ST 15805 and TFIX-8S 1635 have been used for installation of external thermal insulation system (ETICS).

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