Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore

Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore
Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore

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Ім'я: Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore
Місцезнаходження: Singapore, Singapore
Інвестор: Archilite Engineering Pte Ltd
Тип: Hotel
Завершення: 2021
Виконавець / Проектант: N/A


Some of Singapore-based hotels are now ready to welcome visitors partially thanks to Rawlplug’s products and tools. These were successfully used during the facade works on the Pan Pacific Hotel and Park Royal (Marina Mandarin) buildings, completed in 2021.

The luxury Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore A&A is located within a walking distance of the city’s famous landmarks. It belongs to a hotel chain offering luxury accommodation in Asia, North America, Oceania, and Europe.

2021 saw the completion of the facade works performed on the hotel’s impressive structure. The Singapore branch of Rawlplug was actively involved in the project, working alongside Archilite Engineering Pte Ltd. Rawlplug’s products were first tested and then included in the designs as the means to anchor the facade cladding. Specifically, the product used for fixing was the R-XPT-IIA4 stainless steel throughbolt. 

Another building in Singapore whose facade works needed our active contribution was Park Royal (Marina Mandarin), a five-star hotel located in the heart of the city. Designed by John Portman, it features one of the largest, 21-storey high, open atriums in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the cooperation between our subsidiary company and Archilite Engineering Pte Ltd, Rawlplug-branded products were also used under this project. This time, the facade cladding panels were fixed using Rawlplug’s R-XPTIIA4 stainless steel throughbolts.

We are more than happy that our proven products are used to renovate and maintain such attractive and popular leisure and business venues, situated at the very centre of a city of five million people! 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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