Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

Olympic Stadium in Wrocław
Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

Інвестиційні дані

Ім'я: Olympic Stadium in Wrocław
Місцезнаходження: Wrocław, Poland
Інвестор: City of Wrocław
Тип: Sport Facilities
Завершення: 2018
Виконавець / Проектант: ISB Budownictwo from Wrocław and PB Inter-System


The Olympic Stadium in Wrocław is a building dating back to the interwar period – its construction based on the design by German architect Richard Konwiarz started in 1926 and was completed in 1928. It is the central element of the sports complex located in the Wrocław district of Zalesie. The total area of this single-storey sports stadium is almost 6,000 square metres. Contrary to its current name, the stadium was suitable for slightly smaller-scale projects than the Olympic Games – in 1930, the Third German Games were held here, representing an important stage in the preparation of the German national team for the Los Angeles Olympics. Heavily damaged in the war, it was subsequently rebuilt and expanded, and named the Karol Świerczewski Stadium. In 1978, four 80-metre-tall floodlight masts were built around the Olympic Stadium, providing 2,800 lux lighting for the main field; it was at that time the most brightly lit stadium in Europe. In 1979, a modern heating system for the stadium turf was installed. In 2006, the buildings of the Olympic Stadium were bought by the city from the Academy of Physical Education. Since then, the main users of the facility have been the speedway club Sparta Wrocław and the local American football team. Current work includes renovation of the facade and expansion of the facility, with covering of some of the stands. After the alteration work, the stadium will accommodate over 15 thousand spectators.

The following Rawlplug products were used:

  • R-KER and R-KEX-II bonded anchors for post-installed bonded rebars along the full circumference of the facility. Designs were prepared related rebar fixing, strengthening of the exterior historic facade, and fixing of the steel substructures covered by the studio’s design.
  • quantity: approx. 2,000 fixings of different diameters of both rebars and threaded rods.
  • KI10M + KWL140 thermal insulation fixing
  • R-XPT-HD-10080 anchors: 20,000 pieces – seat fixing