Mountain Rescue Service in the Slovak Tatras

Mountain Rescue Service in the Slovak Tatras
Mountain Rescue Service in the Slovak Tatras

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Ім'я: Mountain Rescue Service in the Slovak Tatras
Місцезнаходження: Tatry Słowackie, Slovakia
Тип: Hospital
Завершення: 2022


Not every building needs to be 100 storeys tall to be admirable, nor must it be made of steel to command respect. This is especially the case when respect and admiration are due to the people that work inside.

Three cross-country skiers who went off-piste and got stuck in a snowdrift. A snowboarder who decided to go for a climb on unmarked terrain, but the deep snow and the steep slope proved to be too much for him. Finally, two inexperienced climbers who did manage to reach the summit, but were too frozen and exhausted to descend. These are only three of the multiple dangerous situations that keep occurring in the Tatra Mountains. In these three cases, nobody got hurt only thanks to the effective interventions of the excellently trained professionals from the Mountain Rescue Service in Slovakia.

To reach those in need of help as quickly as possible, whether by car, using a snowmobile, an ATV, or skis.  Mountain rescuers who are guided by this motto on a daily basis need a solid base where they won’t have to worry about safety, warmth, or strength of the structure. It makes us even more proud, therefore, that Rawlplug’s products that were used to build the new headquarters of the Mountain Rescue Service in the Slovak Tatras.

The investment, launched in 2020, was completed and handed over for operation at the end of last year. We have been working with the contractor, PRESTIMEX s.r.o. from Stará Bystrica, for many years now, providing them with our anchoring technology accompanied by full technical support (and we already look forward to implementing more projects together).

Here’s a handful of technical details. Products that turned out to work excellently during the construction of the headquarters for the Slovak rescuers included R-SC40II nailers with the related nails and gases (for the steel roof structure), R-FF1 frame fixings (for the ventilated facade), R-TFIX 8S universal facade fixings (for the facade), as well as R-PDS18 cordless drywall screwdrivers and the required accessories.

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