Marigona Hill

Marigona Hill
Marigona Hill

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Ім'я: Marigona Hill
Місцезнаходження: Deshmoret e Gollakut, Prishtina 10000, Kosovo
Тип: Residential
Завершення: 2022


90 houses, 430 flats, including 115 with terraces, and 100 commercial units, over an area of more than 16 hectares, surrounded by greenery, with wide pavements and dedicated cycle paths. Currently under development in Kosovo, Marigona Hill is a housing estate that combines modern infrastructure with a love of nature. This is yet another unique investment developed using Rawlplug’s products.

Marigona Hill is a complex of residential buildings and commercial facilities. Designed in collaboration with Italian architects specialising in green spaces, the whole concept is inspired by ikigai, a Japanese philosophy of life. According to the assumptions underlying ikigai, happiness depends on a variety of factors: small, everyday pleasures as well as grand plans and goals. Achieving ikigai guarantees inner peace and balance. These are precisely the values whose pursuit is fostered by Marigona Hill. The buildings are an integral part of a carefully designed space, facilitating leisure, raising children, and stress-free satisfaction of day-to-day needs. The facilities located in the area of the investment include a Viennese park, sports fields, playgrounds, and an outdoor gym.

Marigona Hill is one of the multiple modern investments recently springing up in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital and largest city. The rapidly-developing area is becoming an increasingly important point on the map of southern Europe. Pristina, often referred to as Europe’s youngest capital, has a population of approx. 200,000, but the Kosovar diaspora around the world is about a dozen times larger than that. The city is attracting foreign investors, which translates into a growing number of newly developed office buildings, public facilities, and constantly expanding infrastructure. Marigona Hill is a perfect example of the direction Pristina is currently heading in. The complex is designed to be the perfect place to live for singles and families.

Rawlplug’s contribution to the development of Marigona Hill was not limited to supplying products (although as many as four types of these were used in the process). Rawlplug’s representative for this project was FILETA, the main distributor of our fixings in the Pristina area. In addition to supplying the products, FILETA’s experts carried out a detailed study with regard to the existing needs and to the selection of the right solutions, performed pull-out tests at the construction site, and were in constant touch with the contractor, providing the required technical and substantive support.

Given the pace at which Pristina’s architecture and infrastructure are developing, we are certain that this is not the end of the investments in the area that will make use of Rawlplug’s products.

Rawlplug’s products used to build Marigona Hill:

  • R-KI range of hammer-in facade fixings with a long expansion zone
  • R-KEM-II styrene-free polyester bonded anchors
  • R-PLS plastic mesh sleeves
  • R-XPT series throughbolts

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