Kochi Water Metro in India

Kochi Water Metro in India
Kochi Water Metro in India

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Ім'я: Kochi Water Metro in India
Місцезнаходження: Koczin, India
Тип: Metro
Завершення: 2023


The water metro under construction in Kochi is much more than an investment that will solve many of the region’s transportation issues. It also represents yet another step in the consistent pursuit of the goal that involves making the local public transport system more environmentally friendly.

The city of Kochi is one of India’s most important ports. It is located in the southern part of the country, in the state of Kerala, on the Arabian Sea. The whole urban agglomeration is home to one and a half million people, including large island communities for whom it was difficult to use the existing public transport system.

This problem will be solved by Kochi Water Metro, an integrated ferry transport project, the first system of its kind in India and South Asia, connecting the islander communities to the mainland. They will be provided with 78 electric hybrid ferries, running on 15 routes (and stopping at 38 terminals), with a total length of 78 km.

Work in the region is already going on at full steam, and Rawlplug is contributing to it in an active manner. Since the very start, we have been working closely with Marymatha Infrastructure, the construction works contractor (while AECOM is the structural consultant) and, as a trusted partner, we have been providing all kinds of technical assistance, from anchor fixing design to anchor strength testing and training organisation.

Needless to say, Rawlplug products are used during the work on the Kochi Water Metro project. Our R-KER II hybrid anchors with threaded rods and rebars, the R-XPT II A4 stainless steel throughbolts, and the R-HPTII-ZF zinc flake throughbolts (for pillars) are just perfect in all those activities that involve structural steel. When it comes to the installation of manual turnstiles, on the other hand, including passenger counting solutions, our R-KEM II polyester bonded anchors with threaded rods and the R-FF1 A4 frame fixings with stainless steel screws are the ideal choice.

Since Kochi Water Metro is a complex, large-scale investment, the work is not expected to be completed before 2035, but the first results will soon materialise, as next year the first route handed over for operation will carry 34,000 passengers a day.

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