Kingsway Tunnel

Kingsway Tunnel
Kingsway Tunnel

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Ім'я: Kingsway Tunnel
Місцезнаходження: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Тип: Road Tunnel
Завершення: 2022


45,000 – this is the number of vehicles crossing the River Mersey in North West England every day. This would not be possible without the Kingsway Tunnel, connecting Wallasey and Liverpool.

The role of the 1.5-mile-long tunnel, built in the 1970s, was primarily to relieve the heavy traffic on the Queensway, built before the Second World War. Kingsway did an excellent job, and today, with 16.4 million vehicles annually, it is one of the world’s most popular underground tunnels. It’s also one of the safest, thanks to the robust structure and regular upgrades.

Rawlplug has been actively involved in the latter for several months now, alongside the brand’s official distributor, STC Fasteners. Despite the strong competition, SPIE, the European market leader in multitechnical services, chose us. Rawlplug became the main partner with regard to fasteners for another major investment related to Kingsway – the construction of a new drainage pipeline under the River Mersey tunnel.

Rawlplug will help SPIE in the installation of new brackets capable of supporting the weight of the pipes. In the coming months, we will be supplying 22,000  R-KER-II hybrid bonded anchors + R-STUDS A4 required for the upgrade work.

This is Rawlplug’s first large-scale collaboration with SPIE. We have recorded a very positive response so far to the solutions we suggested, and since SPIE has other major projects in the pipeline, our collaboration will definitely continue.

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