Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall
Dubai Outlet Mall

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Ім'я: Dubai Outlet Mall
Місцезнаходження: Dubai-Al Ain Road (Route 66), United Arab Emirates
Інвестор: Al Ahli Holding Group
Тип: Comercial
Завершення: 2018


Our R-KEX-II resin was used as an adhesive under the Dubai Outlet Mall extension project.

Built in Dubai, this shopping centre used to cover 102,000 m2 of total developed area. According to its extension plans, it will be augmented by further 279,000 m2. The new area will hold space for a hypermarket, cinemas, as well as multi-level food courts and retail units. The project cost is estimated at USD 340 million.

R-KEX-II resin anchor – one product to tackle special tasks

Rawlplug has been cooperating with the project contractor by supplying conventional anchoring solutions. Rawlplug’s R-KEX-II epoxy resin bonded anchor found a special application under this project. It was used to install parking stops on the roof slab.

An important requirement of the investment was to keep the roof slabs completely waterproof, which meant that drilling holes was completely out of question. That is why the contractor decided to use the R-KEX-II epoxy resin as an adhesive to bond the roof slab with the parking stops. This was precisely what Rawlplug’s technical support team advised.

Strength tests

Once the installation was completed, the contractor invited an external company to test the shear strength of the joints. The actual shear load averaged as high as 12.9 kN, while the design requirement was 3.2 kN.

We are glad that Rawlplug’s product proved to be the right solution to our customer’s problem, once again. We faced up to the challenge, which makes us really proud.

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