Dacia One Bukareszt

Dacia One Bukareszt
Dacia One Bukareszt

Інвестиційні дані

Ім'я: Dacia One Bukareszt
Місцезнаходження: Bulevardul Dacia, București, Rumunia, Romania
Інвестор: Atenor
Тип: Comercial
Завершення: 2021
Виконавець / Проектант: KESZ Group


Our anchors and fasteners were successfully used to transform a building originally erected in the 1930’s into high-end office spaces. 

It is in the very heart of Bucharest that the Belgian company Atenor has recently completed a unique project. They have managed to convert a decrepit historic building from the pre-WW2 period into a beautiful property holding office spaces that meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to its excellent design, the building has blended into the fabric of its neighbourhood.

Rawlplug’s anchors in the curtain walls and the facade

The investment’s general contractor, KESZ, managed to complete the project within the time limits set by the building’s new tenant, ING High Tech Hub. Its design documentation was prepared by Aluplan Design, whose employees, working together with Rawlplug’s engineer, found a perfect solution for fixing to the historic building’s curtain walls. They chose Rawlplug’s R-HPTII-ZF anchors for this purpose.

The building’s facades were developed by one of the sector’s leading contractors in Romania – Alusystem. It took them more than 45,000 of our R-HPTII-ZF-12120 anchors to complete the job. In the course of the renovation works, they were continuously assisted by Rawlplug’s Alexandru Ludvig, who was also entrusted with on-site pull-out strength tests and who trained the contractors’ personnel.

Our products were also used to consolidate old walls. This involved the application of Rawlplug’s R-KER-II anchors, as well as our direct fastening system, including such products as SC-40II, R-SC40-PCS and R-SC40-CBS. Additionally, these were also used by a company responsible for the electrical works.

Acting holistically

It was for the comprehensive nature of Rawlplug’s offering that our products were successfully used throughout the renovation of the historic building in Bucharest, at different stages of the project. Not only did we reinforce the curtain walls, but also made it possible to consolidate the historic walls the designer had decided to leave unaltered as well as the building’s facade.

We are proud that our involvement contributes to restoration of beautiful structures that grace the largest cities across Europe and worldwide.

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