Curiosity rover

Curiosity rover
Curiosity rover

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Ім'я: Curiosity rover
Місцезнаходження: Mars, United States
Інвестор: NASA
Тип: Robotic Rover
Завершення: 2012
Виконавець / Проектант: NASA


Rawlplug DIN 7984 bolts used for the construction of Curiosity rover, which is roaming around the surface of MARS in terms of Science Laboratory program, performing examination of historical and current conditions on the planet since the 6th of August, 2012. It is the biggest and most technologically advanced vehicle among those sent to the planet so far.

None of the elements constituting it were chosen by accident. Due to extreme conditions, for which it has to be prepared, the design includes only highest quality solutions of unquestionable durability. Another priority was the reduction of weight, which is quite difficult done, as the exploration takes place in a range of temperatures from -127 do +40 Celsius degrees, requiring solid and strong construction.

The Curiosity mission performed a distance of 56,000,000 km from earth in a Martian Gale crater. It was initially planned to take 687 days, however thanks to very rigid construction and efficient devices this time has been almost doubled.


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