Changi Airport T2E

Changi Airport T2E
Changi Airport T2E

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Ім'я: Changi Airport T2E
Місцезнаходження: Airport Blvd., Singapur, Singapore
Тип: Comercial
Завершення: 2020


Changi Airport is considered to be among the elite of the best airports in the world. The facility is appreciated not only by passengers, who can enjoy its numerous features and attractions, but also by construction engineers and architects. 2020 saw the launch of an extension project at one of its terminals. And Rawlplug’s products were not to be missed among the fixing solutions used.

The construction of Changi Airport began in the 1970’s, while the official opening took place in 1981. The airport currently consists of four terminals. In 2019, a complex known as the Jewel, being a combination of a garden and a shopping centre, was opened between Terminals 1, 2 and 3. The Jewel covers an area of 134,000 m2 and the building itself spans ten floors, five of which are underground. The facility offers a multitude of features, including 280 shops and restaurants, a hotel, a supermarket, and a 40 m high waterfall. Since there is a multi-level garden and walking paths inside, passengers can rest and relax before continuing their journey. The Jewel took over four years to build and cost over USD 1.25 billion.

Rawlplug-branded products used to extend the world’s best airport

The consulting company Skytrax has been ranking the world’s best airports since 1999. Their awards, commonly known as the Oscars of the aviation industry, are based on assessments of nearly 14 million passengers from over 100 countries. And Changi Airport had been continuously ranked first for as long as 10 years until Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, superseded it in 2021. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the Asian transport hub has never dropped out of the very elite of the most stunning aviation facilities worldwide. The complex is constantly being improved and extended. In 2020, a renovation project began at Terminal 2 to increase the port’s flow capacity and transshipment capabilities. The investment is scheduled for completion in 2024, but we can already boast about Rawlplug’s fixings and fasteners having been used to develop Terminal 2. They include the R-RBP mechanical anchors designed for hollow core slabs and ceramic substrates, the R-XPT throughbolts for non-cracked concrete, the R-HPTIIZF anchors suitable for various types of concrete, the R-LX screws for concrete, and the RTSDSR drill bits. Our experts also provided local engineers with full technical support and conducted the necessary strength tests of the fixings and fasteners used.

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