Cairo Metro

Cairo Metro
Cairo Metro

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Ім'я: Cairo Metro
Місцезнаходження: Cairo, Egypt
Інвестор: National Authority for Tunnels (Egyptian state)
Тип: Metro
Завершення: 1996
Виконавець / Проектант: Spie


Cairo Metro Line 1 is the first line of the Cairo Metro system in Cairo city, Egypt as well as the first metro system in Arab countries and in Africa. It was constructed in 1989 and connects Helwan with El Marg passing other 32 stations. Line 1 sometimes called French-built line or simply the French line that extends to 44.3 km long with 4.7 km underground and carries trains with 3 Units, which have a time difference of 2.5 minutes and a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The line can carry 60,000 Passengers per hour in each direction. The Construction of the project started in 1982 after the French government agreed on giving Egypt the necessary loan. The total cost of the first stage from Helwan to Ramsis is 473.9 million EGP. The second stage coasted in total 499.6 million EGP:

Cairo's metro network was greatly expanded in the mid-1990s with the building of Line 2 (red), from Shoubra-El-Kheima to Cairo University, with an extension to Giza.

It is the first line in history to have a tunnel going under the Nile. The tunnel under the Nile is 8.35m in internal diameter and was constructed using two Herenknecht bentonite slurry shield TBMs, which are 9.43m in diameter. Extending 21.5 kilometres (13 mi) with 20 stations, it is sometimes called the "Japanese-Built Line". It is mostly in bored tunnel, with two exceptions: a short section at the northern end approaching Shubra El-Kheima which is elevated, and a section just south of this by cut-and-cover. The main difference between Lines 1 and 2 is that Line 1 uses an overhead line while Line 2 uses the third-raill system. The construction of the line was finished in October 2000 and was later extended to El Mounib. The communication for line 2 was provided by Alcatel in 2005. Total project of Line 2 cost was 761 million euros.

Rawlplug R-DCL Lipped Wedge Anchor were installed to the substrate of electrical services applications throughout the Cairo Metro Line 1 and Line 2 project:

  • Underground Project Egypt Line1 – 100,000 Wedge Anchors
  • Underground Project Egypt Line2 – 150,000 Wedge Anchor

It was between 1986-2005y.

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