Amazon logistic centres

Amazon logistic centres
Amazon logistic centres

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Ім'я: Amazon logistic centres
Місцезнаходження: Sady / Wrocław, Poland
Тип: Comercial
Завершення: 2015
Виконавець / Проектант: Goodman / Panattoni Europe


Amazon, an American e-commerce company founded in 1994, based in Seattle, is the world’s largest online retailer and mail-order seller. The cornerstones of the company’s activity include numerous logistics centers constructed using lightweight steel technology. A distinctive large-area  flat  roof is covered with heat shield panels designed to reduce heat loss. From the outside the panels are protected by waterproofing membrane that insulates the roof against external elements like wind or rainfall.

In the period of 2014/2015, large-area Amazon logistics centres were built in Poland. All roofs were constructed using Protan roof membrane and Rockwool mineral wool. The roofs of two facilities in Sady and Wrocław are anchored to the steel sheet substrate by means of special Rawlplug® R-GOK-PLUS anchor sleeves with R-WX self-drilling screws. Each building has a roofing with a total length of 500 m and a width of 200 m, i.e. the area of approximately 100,000 m2. In total, more than 600 thousand sets of Rawlplug roof fasteners were installed on Amazon logistic facilities.

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