Access Towers II

Access Towers II
Access Towers II

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Ім'я: Access Towers II
Місцезнаходження: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Тип: Residential Real Estate
Виконавець / Проектант: Access Realities Ltd / Maxaire Ltd


When the Access Towers project in Colombo, Sri Lanka, moved to the second phase of construction, Rawlplug products where chosen to help secure ceiling fixings. Completed, Access Towers will act as a major commercial space for Colombo. The project follows on from the successful Access Towers 1, which opened in 1998. The new building, Access Towers II, will have 25 floors and a car park suitable for 240 vehicles.

The construction, valued at approximately 2,700,000,000 Sri Lankan Rupee (over 17,000,000 US Dollars). Access Realities (Pvt) Ltd are overseeing the project directly, contracting to Access Engineering. Maxaire (Pvt) Ltd will be acting as a sub-contractor.

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