A1 motorway, Tuszyn

A1 motorway, Tuszyn
A1 motorway, Tuszyn

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Ім'я: A1 motorway, Tuszyn
Місцезнаходження: Tuszyn, Poland
Тип: Motorway / Road
Завершення: 2022


The design and construction of section C of the A1 motorway on the border of the Łódzkie and Śląskie Provinces of Poland was one of the largest road investments completed in 2022. A number of Rawlplug’s system solutions were used there, developed using the brand’s flagship products. 

The investment was implemented as part of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014–2020 co-financed with EU funds and dedicated to key infrastructure projects of national or international significance. The A1 motorway section completed is the one from Kamieńsk to Radomsko in the Łódzkie Province. Now it is possible to travel up the A1 motorway all the way from the border with the Czech Republic to Tricity, as the section has filled the missing link in Poland’s main north-south transport corridor, enabling domestic and international transport to run more smoothly.

The result of the works is a motorway section of nearly 25 km, with 17 engineering structures including flyovers and bridges, as well as crossings and culverts. As a supplier of materials, Rawlplug was actively involved in the design and implementation works, with our engineers selecting the appropriate solutions and providing technical support during the construction of the section. Rawlplug's logistics and sales experts watched over the quality and timeliness of deliveries, particularly important for on-schedule implementation. 

Our system solutions were used primarily in bridge deck overhang anchoring, kerb anchoring in the system with composite bars, as well as safety mesh and rebar anchoring. The products used from the company’s portfolio included mainly R-STUDS metric threaded rods, R-KER II hybrid bonded anchors, and R-KEX II epoxy resin bonded anchors.

Among the fixings used, it is worth noting the bridge deck overhang anchor. Composed of various elements, it constitutes a separate, standalone product in Rawlplug’s range, approved separately as an anchoring system for bridge deck overhang anchoring.

Not only are these solutions refined to the maximum possible extent, but they have also been tested many times in similar applications. The general contractor admits that using Rawlplug’s systems made it possible to optimise costs and lead times, as well as to avoid potential installation errors.

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